Disel Generator OverHauling

  • MEW is one answer to all mechanical & power issues; we are the market leader & well known for providing the overhauling services nationwide, the key of our success is the provision of one window solution for all power & generator related services.
  • Our experts and engineers have the competence to the service virtually any generator, whatever make or model. They are devoted to perform their best to assure our clients peace of mind for all of our repair and maintenance services 24/7.
  • From Major overhauling, Top overhauling to Minor repairs, we assure quality at every step along with genuine spare parts.
  • We have full-fledged state of the art overhauling workshop setup along with following sections.
  • Site Escalation by Customer.

Electrical/ Testing


Electrical section

Post Overhauling support du ring

Escalation Forwarded to Technical Team

MOH warehouse

Warranty Period


Machining section

Inform to Client and

Approval Awarded


Laboratory section

reinstalled at Site (ATP)

by Client to conduct the overhauling

Commissioning section


DG Removal for


Decommissioning section

Completion of

Overhauling & Installation ROG

MEW is Providing Overhauling Services Nationwide

What is top overhaul in generator?

Detailed workmanship for engine overhaul.

A top overhaul is the repair and replacement of just the parts on top of an engine – namely the cylinders, the valve gear or the piston and its rings. With a major overhaul, however, the engine is completely dissembled and reconstructed, with damaged parts replaced.

Procedure to Perform Overhauling

Overhauling Delivery Plan:-

  • DG & Site Survey (DG condition, Electrical parts availability & conditions, Physical Damages & Missing parts if needed)
  • Dismantling of Generator (required for Overhauling)
  • Commissioning of Temporary Generator on site
  • Transportation of Engine from Site to Workshop
  • Disassembly of Engine
  • Replacement of Required Parts
  • Machining & Servicing of Assemblies/Sub-assemblies
  • Reassembly of Generator
  • Test Run for 3 hours
  • Transportation back to Site
  • Removal of Temporary / Mobile DG
  • Commissioning of Generator on site
  • Load Testing on Site for 2 hours
  • Inspection (if required so) by the client

Overhauling Progress per Week

  • Minor Overhauling -> 10 units per week
  • Major Overhauling -> 07 units per week
  • Warranty Period -> 1000 Running Hours
  • 04 months from the date of Reinstallation (Whichever comes first)