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Product Description

MEW is providing the Nationwide best quality services for Cell on wheels (COW) Site as per following detail: –

  • Repairing of COW Sites
  • Maintaining of COW Sites
  • Mobilization of COW Sites
  • Installation / Commissioning of COW Sites
  • Dismantling / Decommissioning of COW Sites

MEW is providing the following services for Repairing of COW Sites: –

  • Repairing of Hydraulic Tower erection System including Pushing Arm Jacks
  • Reaping / Replacement of Control valves, Plunger, Seals and stopper pins etc
  • Repairing / Replacement of broken hydraulic pipes leakage observed for tower erection and up down
  • Repairing of Arm Jacks Pump, MW Motor & Hydraulic Motor
  • Repairing / Replacement of Arms jacks (Parking, Rest & Tower Pushing) mechanism
  • Repairing / Replacement of main tower inside guys pulleys and copper bushes
  • Repairing / Replacement of main tower damage portions.
  • Repairing / Replacement of main Electric Control Panel wiring
  • Repairing with relays, LEDs, push switches, contactors etc.
  • Repairing / Replacement of ACs
  • Repairing / Replacement of Lightings, Breakers, Switches
  • Repairing / Replacement of Faire system
  • Repairing / Replacement of Shelter
  • Repairing / Replacement of Floor
  • Repairing / Replacement of Fuel Tank
  • Repairing / Replacement of Trailer platform
  • Repair of Trailer Backlights, nozzles for pressure and connector for wiring & Break system.
  • Repairing / Replacement of Tyers / Wheels
  • Repairing / Replacement of Cables / Jumpers etc
  • Repairing of DG

Periodic Visits at Sites and inspect the following: –

  • Inspection of Tower & all Accessories
  • Inspection of Hydraulic system including seals, pressure, oil level, Leakages, Locks & pulleys
  • Inspection of Tower Motor / MW Motor / Arm Jacks Motor
  • Inspection of Electric Control Boxes and Lights
  • Inspection of Dishes / Cables / jumpers
  • Inspection Filter / Valves
  • Inspection of ACs
  • Inspection of Shelter & Floor
  • Inspection of Trailer platform
  • Inspection of Parking / Rest Legs & Jacks
  • Inspection DG / Fuel Tank
  • Inspection of Tools
  • Inspection Tyers / Wheels
  • Cleaning of Site

MEW is providing the nationwide services for COW Site(s) Mobilization / Transportation and warehousing from last two years as per following: –

  • Within City
  • Within Region
  • Within Country
  • Hard Area
Installation / Commissioning of COW Sites

We have vast experience for installation & commissioning of COW Sites. We have SOP for the same as per following: –

  • Parking of COW Site as per given coordinates from Customer
  • Power up the DG
  • Installation of Equipments i.e. Cables, Antennas, Dishes etc
  • Tower erection
  • Commissioning of COW
  • Installation of Equipment at Far-end
  • Link Alignment as per give Link Budget from Customer
  • Removal of Alarms (if any)
  • DT / Drive Test
  • Commercial Launched
  • Check list signature / intimation to all stakeholders
  • Dismantling of COW Site as per Customer instructions
Dismantling / Decommissioning of COW Sites

We have all the Resources (Nationwide) such as Teams, Workshops, Tools, Spares as per following: 

Currently we have 4 teams, each team consists 4-5 Expert Specialists (1 Engineer, 1 Tech, 1 Mech 2 Riggers)
Each team has Safety Belts & Ropes along with Proper Uniform
Each team have GPS.
Crone Puncher
Wrapping tool
PNMT cable
Spares / Consumable (Filters, Oil, jumpers, connectors, seals, etc


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