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MEW is providing the Nationwide best quality services for Cell on wheels (COW) Site as per following detail: –

Repairing of COW Sites
Maintaining of COW Sites
Mobilization of COW Sites
Installation / Commissioning of COW Sites
Dismantling / Decommissioning of COW Sites

Repairing of COW Sites

MEW is providing the following services for Repairing of COW Sites: –

Repairing of Hydraulic Tower erection System including Pushing Arm Jacks
Reaping / Replacement of Control valves, Plunger, Seals and stopper pins etc
Repairing / Replacement of broken hydraulic pipes leakage observed for tower erection and up down
Repairing of Arm Jacks Pump, MW Motor & Hydraulic Motor
Repairing / Replacement of Arms jacks (Parking, Rest & Tower Pushing) mechanism
Repairing / Replacement of main tower inside guys pulleys and copper bushes
Repairing / Replacement of main tower damage portions.
Repairing / Replacement of main Electric Control Panel wiring
Repairing with relays, LEDs, push switches, contactors etc.
Repairing / Replacement of ACs
Repairing / Replacement of Lightings, Breakers, Switches
Repairing / Replacement of Faire system
Repairing / Replacement of Shelter
Repairing / Replacement of Floor
Repairing / Replacement of Fuel Tank
Repairing / Replacement of Trailer platform
Repair of Trailer Backlights, nozzles for pressure and connector for wiring & Break system.
Repairing / Replacement of Tyers / Wheels
Repairing / Replacement of Cables / Jumpers etc
Repairing of DG

Maintaining of COW Sites

Periodic Visits at Sites and inspect the following: –

Inspection of Tower & all Accessories
Inspection of Hydraulic system including seals, pressure, oil level, Leakages, Locks & pulleys
Inspection of Tower Motor / MW Motor / Arm Jacks Motor
Inspection of Electric Control Boxes and Lights
Inspection of Dishes / Cables / jumpers
Inspection Filter / Valves
Inspection of ACs
Inspection of Shelter & Floor
Inspection of Trailer platform
Inspection of Parking / Rest Legs & Jacks
Inspection DG / Fuel Tank
Inspection of Tools
Inspection Tyers / Wheels
Cleaning of Site

MEW is providing the nationwide services for COW Site(s) Mobilization / Transportation and warehousing from last two years as per following: –

Within City
Within Region
Within Country
Hard Area

Installation / Commissioning of COW Sites

We have vast experience for installation & commissioning of COW Sites. We have SOP for the same as per following: –

Parking of COW Site as per given coordinates from Customer
Power up the DG
Installation of Equipments i.e. Cables, Antennas, Dishes etc
Tower erection
Commissioning of COW
Installation of Equipment at Far-end
Link Alignment as per give Link Budget from Customer
Removal of Alarms (if any)
DT / Drive Test
Commercial Launched
Check list signature / intimation to all stakeholders
Dismantling of COW Site as per Customer instructions

Dismantling / Decommissioning of COW Sites

We have all the Resources (Nationwide) such as Teams, Workshops, Tools, Spares as per following: –

Currently we have 4 teams, each team consists 4-5 Expert Specialists (1 Engineer, 1 Tech, 1 Mech 2 Riggers)
Each team has Safety Belts & Ropes along with Proper Uniform
Each team have GPS
Crone Puncher
Wrapping tool
PNMT cable
Spares / Consumable (Filters, Oil, jumpers, connectors, seals, etc

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